Physiotherapy Products

Inflatable Air Splints for Neurological Rehabilitation Including Stroke

Therapy World supplies products and expertise to assist in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and people with neurological damage such as MS, Cerebral Palsy, or head injury.

Once a stroke patient has been assessed and treated as an acute patient by the NHS or other hospitals and clinics, they may be left with restricted limb movements, and outpatient therapy and community therapy is the only way forward.

Some end up in nursing homes and have to live with impaired movement (usually on one side) for the rest of their lives.

The current financial NHS cuts are hampering active and intermediate care for stroke patients.

The dynamic use of a range of URIAS inflatable air splits initiated in hospital and clinic environments by neuro physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and carers can then be continued at home with the support of the husband, wife, or partner on a daily basis. THIS IS A REGIME OF ACTIVE AND PASSIVE EXERCISE WITH PROGRESSIVE MOBILIZATION, THAT WITH PERSISTENCE, MOTIVATION, DETERMINIATION AND ASSISTANCE, CAN OVER A PERIOD OF TIME, HELP TO RESTORE NORMAL MOVEMENT OF THE AFFECTED LIMBS.

The theoretical framework, clinical management and application of the URIAS® Johnstone inflatable air splints and a fully illustrated User Guide are available free of charge from the website – please request.