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IO-dry pulse - Ideal for Hands and Sensitive Area Treatment

The 'pulse peak' method from MEDlight offer special benefits for flexible and comfortable therapy especially for hands and axillae (armpits). The IO Dry 'Pulse Peak' method synchronises with the body to deliver a pleasant and successful therapy and is particulary suited to sensitive skin. 

The set includes:

  • Iontophoresis device MEDlight io-dry pulse
  • Mains adapter
  • Suitcase (divisible in two treatment pans)
  • Connecting cable
  • Safety-wall wart chart
  • instruction manual

The machine is packed in a portable plastic carry case, which opens out to provide the two trays which are filled with up to 13 mm (1/2) or normal tap water to prepare for treatment.

The controller is connected via a small transformer pack to the domestic electricity supply (240V 50 Hz AC), and for the treatment of hands or feet or hands and feet together, a metal plate is put under the water in each tray with a gauze sheet over each metal plate, and two cables (one plus, one minus) are connected to the two metal plates.

The system is now ready for treatment, and for hands only, a hand is put in each tray in the water, a towel or tissue is kept nearby to soak up the water drips, and either the user or the helper turns on the machine, and turns up the current (in milliamps) to a comfortable tingling sensation which the machine automatically times for 15 minutes.

For feet only, the trays are put on the ground, the feet in each tray ion the water, and the controller operated in the lap.

For feet and hands together, one tray is used one a table (rotated 90 degrees) for the hands, and the other tray on the ground for the feet until the controller operated by the user or the helper next to the hard tray.

For armpits, the trays are not used, but instead the cables are attached to a pair of electrode covered sponges soaked in water. The sponges are placed under the arms as show in the illustration and the controller is again generated in the lap of the user to turn up the millamps of current to a tolerable level.


  • Pregnancy
  • Malignancies
  • Metal implants in the body near to the treatment area i.e. non in hands for hand treatment, non in feet for feet treatment, and non in the trunk or arms for armpit treatment.
  • Deep vein thrombosis, or takers of anti-coagulants for blood thinning.


  • No rings or jewellery near the treatment area
  • No metal bra inserts for armpit treatments
  • NOTE: The polarity is changed over after each treatment, and back again for the next treatment


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